After the No Deposit Bonus, the Welcome Bonus

Everyone loves a no deposit bonus. Who wouldn’t, especially when it means free money to play at your favorite online casino? And it only gets better; you get to keep whatever you earn as long as you comply with the terms and conditions set for the bonus. So what if you do not get to keep all your winnings, or if you do not win at all; it is free and you are not spending any of your money, right?

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While the no deposit bonus makes for great promotional strategy, do you think it would work on its own? Examine the following scenario: you find yourself a fantastic online casino that looks great and has hundreds of games to keep you occupied. And it has a no deposit bonus too! So what do you do? You sign up in a flash and then zero in on the no deposit bonus. You play carefully, win a bit – that is mostly the case – and are now looking forward to your time at the casino. And then you find that there are no other bonuses on offer; the no deposit bonus is all you get. Seriously? And it gets worse if the no deposit bonus is a bunch of free spins…

That is why the casinos usually offer the no deposit bonus as part of a welcome bonus package that consists also of a deposit bonus. And then there is more too!

The Welcome Bonus at Online Casinos

Once you have exhausted your no deposit bonus amount or run out of time to use it for, you do not have to worry; the casino has lined up for you a cool welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is usually a match bonus. This means one thing: you need to spend from your bankroll to get access to this bonus. For that, the first step is to fund your account. Casinos usually have a minimum amount that you need to deposit to be able to play for real money.

While there is a minimum amount, the many casinos usually do not have a maximum amount. If you are one of the big money guys, you get something exclusive at some of the casinos, the high roller bonus. There is also the mid-roller bonus for those who deposit medium size amounts into their accounts. What you get as a match bonus from the casino depends on what kind of player you are. Most casinos have a cap on the maximum bonus amount. If the casino does not have special provisions for high rollers, the maximum amount is the same regardless of how much you deposit into your account.

Using the Welcome Bonus after the No Deposit Bonus

Once you have used up your no deposit bonus and collected your winnings from it, you are all set to use the next welcome bonus, which is a match bonus usually, as mentioned earlier. To use the welcome bonus, there are certain wagering requirements and related terms and conditions that you have to meet, like in the case of the no deposit bonus.

The match welcome bonus is usually large, and is a percentage of the amount you deposit. Usually it is a 100% bonus, and sometimes even more; some casinos, though, offer a percentage that is less than 100%. Some casinos also extend the welcome bonus to more than the first deposit. So you could get match bonuses even on your second, third, and fourth deposits, and possible more. All you need to do is follow the terms and conditions and you are set for a great gambling experience!